is a platform that focusses on home decor and interior design. This portal aims to bridge interior design professionals and homeowners on a ubiquitous platform – to network, encourage discussion, and to create possibilities. Reminiscent of a social media platform, it showcases works from creative minds in the Home Design industry, and ease of access for individuals with a mind of revamping their space. With an array of Singapore's top Interior Design firms signing up with LIVNN, one will be sure to find the perfect interior decorator to create the home of one’s dreams.


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    Planning on a concept

    Pore over our large collection of portfolios from top Interior Design firms in Singapore. If you find something that makes your heart tingle, you can always clip a portfolio and review all your options at your own time.

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    Hassle-free Access

    It can be taxing to get quotes from all over the place. No more of that, you can now receive free quotes based on the type of your property and design of your preference.

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    Getting the Best Fit

    Finding the best ID professional and one that thinks like you do, is like finding a needle in the haystack. Check up on potential professionals with reviews or even write a review of how your castle in the air has turned into a reality.


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    Follow the Leader

    Catching eyeballs with your company’s latest happenings can be effortless process. The ‘Follow’ function was devised to do just that. Disseminate news, events or promotions seamlessly when you opt for the Follow function on your profile page.

  • Increas Exposure

    Increase your Exposure and Brand Image

    Social media changes how industries reach out to potential clients. Be ahead of the pack and reinvent your standing in the industry on an ID focussed platform

  • Work Proficiency

    Upsurge Work Proficiency

    Nothing beats communicating vis-à-vis, but the next best thing is real time. Increase work efficiency by interacting with potential clients using tools such as message, comment and review.