A Touch of Art Deco Charm

Not many find the charm in old world designs. But when one does, reminiscing the intricacies of these the long forgotten era and recreating their in your modern home can make for a space even Gatsby would be proud of.

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Art Deco Living Area


Art deco focusses on clean lines. That is usually done so through designs with a geometric and symmetric nature. The key in creating this polished look can also be achieved through the use of typical colour schemes such as black, white, shades of cream and even chrome.

Art Deco Kitchen


The art nouveau style can be easy to pull off with the use of tiles. Lay tiles in a diamond pattern to create the geometrical effect typical of the bygone era. Checkerboard flooring is almost synonymous with the art concept. To top it all off, have a marble table to adds extravagance to the space. A vintage stove will please even the toughest crowd.

Art Deco Dining Area


The key to creating a classy and excessive space does not mean that it should be cluttered with gold plated decor in every area of your room. Have a simple hanging chandelier over the dining table would make a statement about the height of your space; height is often associated with extravagance. Curvature dining chairs easily adds a touch of sophistication.

Art Deco Bedroom


With a headboard in the art deco style, this bedroom is on its way to becoming a paradise for this 20s’ inspired design. Minimal colours in this space highlights the many geometrical and curvature lines in this space.

Art Deco Study Room


For those who do not have the liberty of space for a study, having a work table in the bedroom is an alternative. Choosing a table with unique legs makes for a tasteful area to get things done. Having an abstract rug on defines the essence of the overall design.

Art Deco Bathroom


The secret to making a sophisticated bathroom is the choice of detailing. Metal angular designs on the glass shower area inject touches of art deco. The weight of the marble sink points out the uncompromising class. Choice of grey and white checker board tiling is less severe. With hints of black it adds a much needed depth and lines to this bathroom.