Working in an Artsy Space

If it’s all work and no play, it can be a little hard on the creative mind. Giving the workspace an added design oomph might be that secret ingredient to awakening your zest for work altogether. Keep it simple or have it intricate, get ready to redecorate your space.

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Minimalist Study with Pictures

People do not enjoy looking at bare white walls - for the most part, it is because it is just unmotivational. Try putting up pictures on the walls or even small table décor to wash away the bareness of white.

Keeping things simple

If you are not one for having décor all over the place, sticking to wall décor devoid one of any potential mess in any minimalist work area.

Playing with wall paint

Considering whether to paint a design your workspace? Why not? This unique feature act as a focal point for the room. To accent the space, just place frames around.

Rustic Rugged Workspace

For homes with a strong country concept theme going on, there are ways to dress up the workspace without making it overly casual. Opt for dark frames to add depth to the space. A modern chair can be the mark of sophistication in this overall homely theme.

Eclectic with Greenery

Plant lovers can find refuge in this décor. Having greenery encourages good vibes and works especially well in neutral themed spaces.

Mixing neutral furnishing with a bold wall

Usually not the colour of choice for a serious space, lime green is actually a color that refreshes and liven the room. With the brightness of this colour, it is advised to stick with neutrals so as to prevent this room from looking amateurish.

Jazz up a study with patterns

Most parents turn to tables with built in shelving for its multiple functional purposes. Granted that it offers storage space, it may lack in personality. Give attitude to this furnishing by incorporating a cork board or simply have a nice fabric seating for added measure.

Bright, bold and beautiful

Not many enjoy having a brightly colored space for an office. But when one does, it’s fine to go all out. With brightly colored space, one can have the freedom to incorporate various patterns and designs. One must remember that with too many colours, it may leave a cluttered impression.

Having a personal touch

DIY lovers can hang up their latest creations in their workspace. Having a a knack for handiwork can customise your workspace into one that is unique to you alone.

All in one workspace

Secretariats provide storage and a surface that one can neatly tuck away whenever space is needed. Hanging up images of furnishings such as chairs adds a different spin to the conventional workspace.

Display all your gadgets

Threads and needles might create a mess. While they might be functional pieces, you can turn them into part of the decor. Hang up your equipments for better organisation and consider having a mood board for all your ideas.

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