Enchanted by the Exotic Moroccan Style

The allure of the Middle East is difficult to deny. Step into the world of colours, geometrics and intricate ornaments. For those with an intense love for wholesomely decorated spaces, pay heed.

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Moroccan extravegance


One definitive feature of Moroccan style spaces is the generous use of cushions. Replicate this laid back seating area with cushions of various sizes and deck them out in bright slip cover. Embroidered ones are a definite plus point.

A touch of Moroccan decor


Contrary to most beliefs, metallics work especially well with bold colours. A tried and true method is to inject bright spring flowers coupled with metal candle lanterns to make an authentic space.

Calming blue in the Middle East


It may be impractical to have many home accessories in the bathroom although it is synonymous with the Moroccan style design. Introducing Arabic style shapes and tiles can however retain the essence of the style. Opting for blue grey wall tiling and pebbled flooring can a way to add details.

Modern Moroccan in the Kitchen


The secret to a wholesome kitchen space, is to have tiled geometric design. If the whole Moroccan theme is too much for you to handle, you can it mix up with modern furnishings. It is important to note that the complementing furnishing should be kept simple to bring out the essence of this ornate style. <br />

Overdecorating with Moroccan goods


Dining areas are meant for more than conversation and dining. This least used space can be made into one that sparks curiosity. Moroccan styled dining allows for excessive decoration without the fear of making it appear too cluttered. However it is important to note that when introducing multiple home accessories, muted colour schemes should be used to balance the space.<br />

Delight in soft fabrics and comfort lighting


Arches and cornices are typical in the Moroccan style. When used in the bedroom, these features soften the overall space. Sheer fabrics such as chiffon can accentuate the lightness of the space, leaving a romantic impression. Select pastel tone fabrics to introduce a contemporary feel.<br />