Essence of Black

Black - a colour of uncompromising luxury and mystery, much like Bruce Wayne, or his alter ego, Batman. Redefine your home with inspiration from this Gotham City Superhero by wrapping a cape of black over your space.

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A Midas touch in a black themed space

Using black in your space does not necessarily mean to have darkness painted all over your walls. Opting for ebony furnishings and décor can in fact make a stronger statement against lighter tones walls. Try incorporating elements such as onyx, obsidian or even gold in your space for the ultimate understated class.

Light up with luxury

Dining rooms are not only used for tasting the best cuisines, its the best place to chatter the night away. The unique white arch introduces a distraction from the seriousness of the black themed space. When afraid of overwhelming use of black, light coloured table accessories from place mats to flower arrangements can elevate the sombre feeling.

Tassels for that added touch

If you have a space for a powder room, consider turning to the dark side with black and grey panelling. A touch of elegance from the smooth white marble sink. And not forgetting the sconce with tassels; it’s extravagance redefined.

Glass counters leaves a strong impression

This kitchen is entirely on a league of its own. Black is an uncommon colour to be adopted into this usually light schemed space. With detailing on the white wood it adds dimension to the space and the compass style tiling provides a much needed direction. Include plenty of silverware to show off the excesses.

Graphic pillows for some sophistication

When unsure, a statement headboard can transform a space instantly. Though monotony is associated with sophistication, incorporating a pop of colour, can add character to the room - much like what the pillows are effectively doing.