Geometric Design Space

Lines and angles give an impression of a space with much foresight. Often found in modern and minimalist themes, these statement installations are meant to capture and impact the overall sensory experience of your the space.

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A pop of design with graphic slipcovers

Geometric designs can be incorporated into the slip covers of seating areas. This pop of design serves as a statement piece in a spaces with neutral colours such as white and grey. This technique balances out the ornate nature of the designs.

Wall textures changes a room ambience

Have intricate geometrical panelling on your wall for that added touch of class. With subtle lighting to illuminate the dark space, it gives direction yet lends a sense of mystery.

Abstract art makes an impact

An abstract wall art brings the right amount of attention to this dining area. Despite its minimalist style, this Eames styled chair stripped to its bare structure adds a certain no nonsense personality.

Small details make a difference

Keep things simple with a basic step-style tile design in this kitchen. Having a shelving similar to the tile design makes for continuity.

Functional can make a statement

There are no constraints when it comes to geometric style d├ęcor and furnishing. Take this stairs and showcase your progressive artistic outlook on interior design.

Geometric against geometric

Do not be afraid to go all out with wallpapering geometrical designs - especially for spaces that require a bold personality. Dress up a bathroom with geometrical designed mirror to add layer to the space.