Off to the Coast!

Whip out your sunscreens because summer is upon us! Time to hide away from the stillness of the city and busk in the warm brilliance of the midsummer sun at the beach. If getting sand between your toes is hardly your style, transforming your home into a beach paradise might well do the trick.

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Use corals for decor

Coastal style décor can take the form of framed up sea themed pictures, or even specimens from the ocean itself. Put corals in a bell jar to leave a sense of chic.

Hang up simple typefaces

The coastal style does not necessarily have to be blue themed or with elements of the sea. A dining area can be made simple with a table in the shade of sand with simple floral setting can bring out the effect of the relaxing waterfront.

Try for a different hue of blue

Many do not pay much attention to the entryway, but if you do, it can instantly create an impression of your space. To achieve the coastal feel, it is colour is the easiest way to go. Blues are popular choices to evoke that seafaring feel. Add accents of blue to create depth to the space.

Inject elements of the coast

Simple white panelled cabinet doors is a basis for this coastal style kitchen. Touches of blue and wood are essential in turning this otherwise traditional style into one suited to welcome the sea breeze.

Using rattan and linen

Coastal style living spaces are not just about hanging up pictures related to the sea. Making use of materials can achieve the effect more so than obvious décor. Materials such as rattan or crisp plump linen cushion are typical of coastal retreats.

Stripes for the sailor

No two living areas should be the same, even if it is stunning. The coastal style living area can incorporate blue and white stripe for that maritime look. Hang up a large star and oversized portrait of a sailor creates a statement, but adding details such as ship lanterns authenticates the space.

Use pale wood panelling for comfort

Matching pastel blue tiling and pale wood panelling makes for a calming environment to wash away your stresses while the sound of waves lull you to full relaxation.

Line up the wonders of the sea

For lovers of the sea and all marine life, this coastal style bathroom cannot be more suitable. Putting up various starfishes, rock and shell specimen showcases the diversity of the ocean. Painted in blue, it almost feels as though its an underwater collection.

Keep the colours light and fresh

White planks are materials common in the coastal and country concept spaces. The way to define the space is through using elements that are typical of the coastline. These décor can be ropes used to hang up the mirror, starfish décor or even a traveller’s trunk.