Unlikely Couple in Black and Fuschia

Black is a harsh colour, while fuschia is all about having fun. Who would have thought that somber would match so well with the whimsical. Some may have their reservations about this pairing, which is probably why it is not for the lily-livered.

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Pink for a focal point


While neutral colour selections such as black, white and grey are great for creating a timeless room concept, colours can be injected to create a focal point. Try dressing up a room instantly by adding elements of fuchsia. It introduces the freshness of spring against the harsh black furnishings.

Framing the pink with black


Two accompanying bright colors are not great at bringing out the personality of the space. The essence of fuchsia settee can be brought forth with a bold thick framed full-length mirror placed at the back. Not only does it leaves an impression of a larger seating, it draws all eyes to your bold furnishing.

Create sharp contrasts


If you are in for a modern art deco-esque style bathroom, incorporating fuschia and black might just be the best idea yet. The bold contrast of these colours is just begging for attention - much like the glitzy sink and fancy chandeliers.

Just a little pink to brighten things up


Going back to black might is always a great idea, that is if you are willing to liven up the gloomy atmosphere with bright, flashy colours such as fuchsia or sunshine yellow. Hardly out of place, it can turn a bat cave into an urban chic habitat.

A dash of fuschia


Black against black is stylish, contrary to what most may think. This is especially so when it is of different materials, such as the blackwood headboard against the sleek black wall. Touches of fuchsia in the bedding and floral arrangement can enhance the depth of the space.