Tropical Getaway

Getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and retreat into an evergreen sanctuary. This would be a dream to most city dwellers, but one can’t possibly fly away from the stresses at one’s whim, But one thing can be done, transform your abode into a green habitat that welcomes you back at the end of a hard day.

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Palm leaves for the living area

Green, fresh and lively, are best to describe a tropical style home. Big tropical palm leaves seem to extend out feelings of hospitality and leisure. When you have bright colours of the tropics, it is best to mute it down with classy white or browns to prevent the living area from looking overly zealous.

Plants for an outdoor ambience

A private area just to reflect and wash away the troubles of the day. A tropical style bathroom should be kept simple with minimal decorative to showcase the clutter free space. Frames, plants and even stones are ideal to transform this space into paradise.

Trunks for stacking

The tropics is a vibrant place with colour and life. Capture that vivacious way of living in the bedroom with bold patterned chairs and trunks. For those afraid to experiment with different colour schemes, opt for a single colour, but in varying hues. This will allow the space to appear multidimensional and interesting.

Rattan for a statment

A tropical themed kitchen can do without the mess of the forest floor. Simplicity is often best for a space that requires ease of access. Keep the functionality up with a simple island. Throw in oversize rattan hanging lights for a statement.

Wicker chairs for the getaway feel

Unwind and relax to the sound of the evening birds. To create a great tropical dining area, one must be sure to bring the outdoors in. Large windows can help enhance this effect. For added measure, introduce plants for an inviting space.