Not so Shabby, Shabby Chic

It’s all fun with the shabby chic concept. With an ensemble of pre-loved and well-used furnishing and décor, this eclectic space is well mix of the homeowner’s personality and sense of style. Find the boldness and take delight in the vintage with this warm style.

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Choose bold patterns

The shabby chic concept touches on making bold statements. For those seeking to pack a punch in their living area, this scheme allows not only the incorporation of colours but also the liberty to include patterns and designs.

Go to flea markets

If you’re a nostalgic person or have a love for all things vintage, the shabby chic bedroom is able to house all your pre-loved décor and furnishing. Customise your bedroom with flea market finds or pass me downs from your grandparents.

Choose whitewashed wood for a distressed design

Shabby chic kitchen are all about creating an impression of warmth. Bold use of pastels against white washed wood and hardwood surfaces enhances the feeling of hospitality. Vintage tea sets and tableware are in line to pull this look off.

Play with colours and patterns

Colours at the dining space does not have to be subjected to the tableware. Varying the colour of chair frames and seating imposes a sense of diversity. A shabby chic dining area takes into account the use of colours and patterns, but be sure to stick to complementary or primary colours to prevent the space from looking overly decorated.

Put flowers in the bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a unique space.Decorate plain distressed mirrors with artificial floral for a garden feel. Place an old stool for that extra touch. The secret to shabby chic bathrooms is that you can decorate it in which ever way that makes you comfortable.

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