Office Space fit for a Pro

First impression matters - that is why it is important to have a professional attitude, wardrobe and a workspace that complements all that. Whether you deal with editing or business of any sort, designing an office space that suits your working style can instantly help with your efficiency.

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Choose yellow for a friendly environment

For one with a bright personality, yellow can be a good colour option to make a statement. A textured wall can act as a focal feature for the office space. Opt for cushioned armchair evoke a sense of welcome.

Colours can make things interesting

Pop of colours for interiors are getting more attention. Despite having the impression of looking overly fun, one should not deter from this concept. For those working in the creative field, it offers a platform to showcase their flair for piecing together various hues and décor features.

Black for some serious class

If you are one for sophistication, black is the way to go. Lining of gold accents the space, while black wallpapering can add depth to the dark room. However, it is advised that with such schemes one should have wide windows to leverage on the darkness of the room.

Turning to wood for comfort

Going for comfort may not be the choice for every professional. However, this workspace is ideal for one seeking to create a conducive environment. Use of deep wood and unique rug on the floor hints a certain aesthetics preference of the professional.

Storage alternatives for the office

The focus of this office space is the storage. Adequate shelving is always good for document laden work. Keeping the work surface simple prevents the space from appearing cluttered. It also encourages the professional to keep it that way.

Décor for the office

If the working space is small, one can consider placing design elsewhere. Placing décor at the back poses as an almost picturesque backdrop. And it goes to show the amount of attention you have towards details.

Joining wood and glass

Simplicity gives off a reliable feeling. However, giving it a twist by incorporating materials such as glass and wood, can transform this professional space into a one of a kind work station.

Get extra seating for large office space

For individual with the liberty to play around with space, opting for multiple seating in the room displays luxury. To bring the workspace up a notch, choose cool colours. Muted hues offer understated class.

Mirrors and reflective surfaces for a vintage look

Being professional does not mean that you have to own a typical dark wood table. A mirror table coupled with a translucent chair with lush seating makes a strong impression. This workspace is one that stands out of the crowd.

Throw in a rug

Do not shy away from colour in your workspace. If you find colors distracting, opt of neutral colours for walls and have a patterned, colourful rug as a focal point of the room.