Study For Two

Two’s a company and three’s a crowd - the same can be said for working on a paper or concentrating on a project. That’s why, the most conducive work spaces do not encourage more than two - in order to discourage distraction and increase efficiency. These spaces turn the usual study areas up a notch.

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Just enough privacy

For those with space constraints, this two study arrangement is just about right. Almost like a DIY project, this study area incorporate the shelving and table into one. As such, it leaves room for all that storage, and also a little privacy from the user on the other side.

Inspire with colors

Study areas do not have to be in a static space with white walls. White neutral colours devoid one of distractions, it may not be good for those especially in the creative field. Put up various boards to remind about your deadlines or pictures for inspiration.

Working in pairs

Seekers of minimalistic work spaces, this industrial style design might capture your attention. With tables attached to the walls, this work area sets itself apart from the conventional. Positioned in a linear concept, it encourages discussion, yet gives the liberty of privacy for one’s work to be done.

Frames and little curiosities

Design in the work room or study area can be flexible. One instance is the use of different chairs to spark curiosity. And to create an eclectic space, have various frames and knickknacks put up on walls and surfaces.

Storage is key

When it comes to the work area, one can never have too much storage space especially when it’s a shared area. Overhead shelving is a good alternative to the conventional cabinet. It allows full view of what you need, all within arm’s reach.

Removing distractions

Some prefer to work with absolute privacy. This back- facing table positioning does just that. One can work in relative peace and won’t have the distraction of having another by their side. This workspace positioning is especially good for small spaces.