A Taste of Provence

Floral, wood and all things in a pre-loved state is often makes up a typical French country style room. If the idea of the French countryside excites you, this provincial style concept is sure to draw you in.

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Dull colors for a vintage look


French country kitchens take inspiration from nature to create a space of comfort. Wood cabinets in dull colours give a sense of a well-loved kitchen. For details, select patterned tiles for an old school feel.

Floor runners for alternative decor


A slightly modern take on the provincial style can be achieved with simple wood cabinets. Instead of having tiled walls, floor runners can be an alternative take on this conventional design.

Floral motifs to add intracity to the space


Floral motifs are characteristic of the French country side. With such intricacies, it is important to keep the rest of the furnishings simple - so as not to clutter the space.

Distressed furnishing for a vintage look


Distressed furnishings give a sense of a well-loved space. Match the table with a stool for a dainty touch. Ensure that there are adequate lighting for a bright space.

Spring to life with fresh flowers


The French take food seriously, that is why it is important to make sure that the dining area is well decorated. For the French country style to come to life, fresh flowers are necessary. An worn vintage chandelier bright just about the emit the right amount of class to the space.

Decorate the space with printed fabrics


The spirit of Provence lies in combining neutral tones with floral. This living space emits the freshness of the French outdoors and comfort of the fabrics that decorate the living space.

Keep things simple with linen


A taste of southern France can be without lace and frills signature to the typical French interior décor. Keep this concept with a touch of modernity with simple linen slip covers for seating. Decorate the space with floral and woven basket for that authentic country look.

Floral wallpapering to update the space


If you find florals difficult to maintain, opt for floral wall papering. This fuss-free décor instantly perks up the space. Match the wallpapering with pastel colours for a soft, comfortable ambience.

Pastel tones for a comfortable space


Distressed furnishings are a fundamental in a country style. Clean up the look with tastefully painted pastel paint and simple shelving for all your bath amenities.

All you need is a signature furniture


A signature bed frame can be a focal point for a Provence inspired bedroom. Have a intricate designed bedspread to encourage colour and pattern. If you have a neutral shade room, place floral around the room to add accents.

Lavender is the colour of Provence


Provence meets chic in this lavender shade bathroom. Floral lightweight curtain are an ideal match for shutter windows. Having plants in this space will brighten up this usually design neglected space.

Special shaped spaces need more attention


Dome structured spaces generally looks larger. When done in a neutral colour, it introduces the fresh country breeze into the space. Opting for pale wood finishes make for a calming ambience.