For the Space Saving Individuals

There are many design and decor restrictions when it comes to small spaces. With more homes turning compact, people are turning to alternative furnishings. Marvel at the transformation of these space saving furniture.

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Making room for two

This ‘David-turn-Goliath’ table is a great addition to homes with little space to accommodate many surfaces. Unfolding this tiny coffee table can transform into a dining table fit for two. Simple black designs are advised due to its versatility to meld into different design concepts.

Fitting into a shelf

Space saving can be more fun than you think. This colourful storage, surface and seating set will change how you rethink the traditional space saving methods. Simple slots within the shelving to hide away the surfaces and seats when you are done with them. The colours also doubles up as a fun accent to this white shelf.

For that buddy to bunk in

One does not need to panic when guests stay over. With this bright orange sofa, you can turn this seating area into a sleek rest area. Who says you can’t have sleepovers in a small space?

Hang away your chairs

Something out of the ordinary, these hanger chairs are not only artsy in it’s own right, but can be easily stowed away if not needed. It can even be a decor piece altogether.

In the case of a dinner party

Keep the dining room in a box, is literally the way to save space. This dining area can be unfolded to reveal a dining table enough to host a house party. This neat furnishing is almost too good to be true, except it is true.