Set for the Summertime

It’s the time of the year to soak up on the sun’s sizzling stare. More than that, its a great time to invite friends over for an afternoon of merriment and swooning over beautiful table settings, courtesy of the flowers of summer.

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Autumn colors for summer

Who says you can’t have autumn tinted roses for summer? Simply add cream coloured roses and green fillers to add life to this fall inspired décor. Vibrant apple green candles and plates reminds one of the Granny Smith apple pie baking in the oven.

Taking in the freshness

Yellow is the definitive colour for summer. Bright, optimistic and all around radiant. Sunflowers and yellow roses are choice when creating a cheery ambience. If life gives you lemon, make a table setting and call your friends over with it.

Keeping it simple and dainty

Similar to Baby’s Breath, the Ammi Majus (or Green Mist) has this certain delicate quality to them. If you are going for the light and fresh look, it can be achieved by tying a bundle of Ammi Majus with a thin ribbon and serviette together. Alternatively, you may have these florals as a delightful centrepiece.

Woodland browns and shrubs

Invite the sun with these early summer flowers - lavender. Known its therapeutic properties, these beautifully scented shrubs aid in creating a tastefully designed summer setting. Lay the table with potted greens and rocks for a natural, woodland inspired gathering space.

Exotic oranges and reds

Add a touch of blush with these pink Ranunculus flowers. They are great to brighten up any table setting. Orange and whites does well in ensuring that the décor is not overly roseate. If you have a thing for the exotic, patterns and wood elements does the trick.