Rise of the Tiled Bathrooms

Tiled bathrooms alway leave an impression of days long past. With proper treatment and a knack for selecting complementary decor, this old school design elements merged with present day aesthetics can be a feast for the eyes.

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Sconce for the focal point


Comfort and warmth are achieved by introducing complementary colours. This turquoise and white diamond patterned flooring does exactly that in this eclectic themed space. With simplicity, lighting is important to create a focal point with sconce fixtures.

Add some cafe curtains


There’s always something charming about the rustic country concept. Whether it be the use of wood for the wash counter or distressed steps for kids to reach the sink, these elements make a good match. Dainty cafe curtains adds a touch of softness to the stark tiles.

Brick patterns and hexagons


Tiles are a must to create a quintessential art deco style bathroom. Patterned like layered bricks, this casual style meets class with hexagon tiles decorated with mosaic dots. A well cut mirror finishes the look of this space.

Intricate china tiles


Contemporary styled bathrooms has never been so chic. Adorned with blue patterned tiles liken to fine china, this clean layout makes for a space for relaxation. Floral arrangements are always a welcomed decor.

Creating a line of sight


Clean and spotless are characteristics associated with white bathrooms. Brick styled tiling offers a glossy finish to an otherwise muted space. While white floor panelling are casual, it draws the line of sight to the sleek polished walls.

Add curious details


Elaborate tiling are the soul to an eclectic style bathroom. Half panel walls therefore plays well to highlight that uniqueness of the space. With a claw foot tub and an art deco painting, it oozes leisure in this exceptional space.

Choose colors of various hues


Blue mosaic is synonymous with swimming pools, but it does not have to remain that way. Transform the bathroom into a space of leisure with hexagon tiles in various blue hues. Provide variance with a simple wooden chair for good measure.

Make it striking


Cobalt blue is a colour not to be missed. When paired with tiled flooring it can be a sight to behold. The only thing to ensure is to have neutral bathroom fixtures so as not to brings throw the concept off focus.

The importance of creating a flow


Contemporary bathrooms allows for imagination to go beyond its boundaries. The tiled corner partitions the space without break the flow of the bathroom. Despite wholly in white, the elaborate chandelier adds a touch of intricity to this bare canvas.

Customize the look of your tiles


Tiles take on more life than what one thinks. Merging varying shaped tiles can add depth to any bathroom. What makes it interesting is the choice of colour and design in which it is laid.