Sink into It

The sink can be the most boring fixture in your bathroom. That is unless you take a step forward to choose something out of the ordinary. A warning, the aesthetically pleasing may not be wallet friendly.

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Add some metallic intricacies

Delightfully intricate detailing on this metal basin adds texture to this conventional plain porcelain sink. Resembling a plate rather than a bowl, it serves to tease the eyes with it functionality and versatility as a bathroom fixture.

Go for and age old style

A fossilized egg or a rock shaped like a bowl, not many can tell what exactly it is. But one thing is for sure, this bathroom fixture is one of a kind. For those with an acquired taste, this fits well in a tropical concept space.

Shadowed details are interesting

This levitating sink is a thing of wonder. Not only does it make one stare at its anti-gravitational characteristic, but also be in awe of the elaborate design below the sink. The secret? It lies in the intricately embossed glass sink bottom.

When less is more

In love with the abstract? This sink probably best fits you then. Almost with a touch of Cubism, this simplistic yet multiple perspective sink provides more than just a fixture to wash hands. It is art itself.

Have the world in your hands

This sink is apt for the wanderlust on you. Designed in a way that replicates geographical terrains, it is bound to keep that explorer in you constantly entertained.

Incorporate a rare find

As far as bathroom fixtures go, this prehistoric design is definitely rare. This ammonite fossil design sink in slate grey is especially aesthetically pleasing. Water flows down the ridges of this spiral archaic inspired sink, making the usual washing hands routine quite an experience.