Stripped Affair

Stripes are known for its simplicity and elegance. Used to direct the eyes and lengthen space, its a go to design for those in doubt. Learn and earn your stripe with some of these amazing home design ideas.

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Going formal with pinstripe

If pinstripe is anything, it's formal. This wallpapering gives this reading area a no nonsense feel - for the serious reader only.

Keeping it neutral

One does not have to opt for a solid white, grey or black wall for a neutral themed room. With beige and grey stripes on one side of the wall, it suggests nonconformity and welcomes bold colour to the space.

Stripes of barley

Barley is a colour synonymous with relaxation and familiarity. Setting the dining in this shade allows for guests to dine at ease and converse without reservations.

Robin blue for a touch of Spring

Enjoy Spring all year round in your dining area. Robin blue stripes with half wall panelling is reminiscent of the bygone era, except that it has an eclectic touch with a portrait of a dog gentleman.

Widening the nursery

A nursery should be a room that stimulates the child's mind. Beige horizontal stripes widens the room, yet leaving a calming atmosphere for the little one.

Go modern with black and white stripes

Usually a classy design, this black and white stripe room is more so modern than that. Crediting that modern effect to its minimal use of stripes for one wall and complementing the rest of the space with solid neutrals and bold furnishing and d├ęcor.

Soak in the subtle stripes

For those that prefer a comfortable space to wash away their troubles of the day, subtle stripes in neutral colours are an option.

Walk on rainbow

Stop your space from falling into a typical design. Shake your home up by placing a colourful stair runner. This simple piece can be a focal of the space or can be functional to prevent slipping, either way, it's bound to be noticed by even the most oblivious.

Kaleidoscope in the balcony

With a bold striped rug, the next best thing is to introduce various colours and patterns to exaggerate the fun effect. This is the style for a merry day soaking in the sun.

Going all bold

It is difficult to stomach so much stripes at the same time, much less one with bold colours. But if you are one for a statement, this daring style does make a mark.