Don't Chuck Away that Trunk

Trunks are the quintessential travel luggage for passengers aeons ago. Now, trunks are mostly used for home décor for that wanderlust feel. Take a look at the ways to use these vintage cases.

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Trunks for a sidetable

Make use of a vintage trunk as a side table. The distressed look of this décor surface is a personality in this otherwise neutral white space. Flowers adds some freshness to the design.

Commercial shipping trunks for some history

Find your sense of adventure by incorporating shipping trunks in your living area. Its neutral colour would mean versatility.

The charm in distressed goods

Distressed furnishings and décor such as this trunk has been all the rage. Its shabby look provides a platform for stories untold, and something to reminisce by.

More than just a trunk

Make use of trunks as a coffee table. It serves as more than just a functional piece, but one that offers a décor. And what's best is that there's additional storage.

Trunks as an alternative surface

If you can't find a nice table for your study, why not settle for a trunk. In essence, it is a surface, and what's more, it can be a focal point.