Feasting in the Great Outdoors

Inviting a hungry brood is into your home is a good idea. But making it an outdoor barbecue affair will take this feasting to the next level. While food is important, the décor and layout makes the atmosphere for conversation and indulgence through the night.

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Bring some plum outdoors


While plum is an unusual colour for the outdoors, it definitely makes for one unique space. With an enlarged seating area and dining zone, it caters for a large crowd, whether for conversation or dining.

An intimate outdoor get together


For those preferring the company of a few good friends, this cozy outdoor area features a gazebo with suspended vines for a lush green area to relax in.

Stumps and benches for an acquired look


For individuals with a love for nature, tree stump can be a good alternative to stools. Not only does it tie in the overall design concept, it brings about a casual mood.

Lush greenery for your eyes


A vertical garden set things apart for this outdoor dining area. Pockets of plants allows for guests to take in the freshness and liveliness of the gardens.

Feasting in the Orchard


Keep things simple with a Daffodil centrepiece and complementary yellow cushions. The things about having feasts in open areas like your back yard is there is absolutely not reservations when it comes to décor.