Home Libraries in Every Sense

Libraries have this charms about them. Book lovers would argue that it's the smell of old books or even the the touch of paper on their finger tips. Either way, book enthusiasts can take delight and be inspired by these home libraries.

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Show off your book collection


Nothing says that you're book lover than having a full shelf of books in display. Making use of the space below the stair also makes of an interesting bookcase.

Walk in library


For fashion lovers there's the walk in wardrobe, and for the book lovers, there;s the walk in library. With a window seating by the window, one is bound to spend hours immersed by words.

Open concept library


While most library appears to be enclosed and dark, a open concept library puts a spin to the usual sombre atmosphere of libraries. The roof pitch also gives an impression of a light airy atmosphere.

Minimalist library


It cannot go more frank than having a wall high book shelf fill with book spines in almost every possible colour. Decorative in its own sense, but more a world beyond the covers of the book.

Library for the bold and adventurous


Most prefer to have their library in neutrals, least to have distractions from their reading. But incorporating bold pink for the book case enhances and if not, brightens the darkness of the traditional library.