Bachelor Pad for Urbanites

Urban bachelors seek more than just a room over the head. Their pad should impress the girls and be comfortable enough for the boys to come over for game nights.

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Hang up your kitchenware

Put up your kitchen accessories as part of the d├ęcor. It saves space and provides an ease of access to them when attention is on the presentation of the food

Pictures old and new

Put up pictures from your travels, or even candid ones with your best buds. It dresses up your living area and makes for a great conversation starter.

Game room for the boys

Every guy need their own space, that translates into a game or movie space. With adequate seating and large media area, be sure your best buds will be over almost everyday of the week.

Go raw

Industrial styled bedrooms are more likely than not casual and laid back. Without the excesses, it provides what's most important to the guys, a good rest after game day.

Going simple is sleek

While having elaborate bathrooms may appear grand, a simplistic bathrooms gives a clean and sleek feeling - an impression that the home owner takes care of their spaces.