Scandinavian Colours

Eclectic is what most would say, but the Scandinavian concept is more than just having pops of color around the space. Focussing on the functionality as well, this concept encourages a smooth flow for whatever activity the home owners have in mind.

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Bright specks of color

Experience doses of rainbow in this living area. With vibrant colours around this neutral space, it is difficult not to notice the casual vibe this space emits.

Neutralise the bedroom

Some may disagree that neutral colours can bring up the vibe of the space. On the contrary, neutral colors offer less stimulation and provides an opportunity for rest.

Have plenty of storage

Scandinavian bathrooms are simple in nature. Most of which are equipped with plenty of storage to hide away toiletries. Tiled in sky blue, it gives a comfortable feel.

Install interesting lighting

Suspended bauble lights feel like bubbles afloat your dining area. Beautiful and unique lighting pieces are key to enhance neutral spaces, typical of Scandinavian concepts.

Get to cosy with wooden counter tops

There is this certain something about wood counter tops. At times it has this unassuming sleekness to it, at times it exudes a feeling of familiarity and comfort. The Scandinavian style goes for the latter of course.