Making Do with a Small Apartment

With the increase of population, the size of homes are beginning to shrink. While the square meters are restrictive on décor and design, there are ways to go about creating a space to accommodate your design preferences.

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Chair in a ring

Small spaces can be made luxurious by opening up the space. Having chair placements in a circular manner makes use all area of the living room, leaving a feeling of understated class.

Minimal and neutral furnishings

Less furnishing can indeed help to save space. Introducing the minimalist concept allows for an impression of a large surface area.

White brings more space

White rooms open up the area, leaving an airy and almost light feeling to the concept of the space despite being catered to serve various functions.

Open up the space

With small apartments, the next way is to increase and make full use of any remaining space. Open concept living and kitchen area invites a casual atmosphere.

All in one space

Turning a room into a multifunctional space does not have to be in the expense of design. Finding complementary furnishing can tie up the overall concept seamlessly.