Tucked Away in the Corner

Most homes do not have the luxury of space and the best way to go about this? Fix up the dining area at a corner. While most corners in the homes go unused, placing the dining there might not be a bad idea after all.

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Radiating space


If one has a radiator, that particular area is often left without much use. Consider placing the dining near the radiator ensures that your guests can eat in comfort during cold months.

Just a little space


With little space to spare, an alternative is to have the dining area just by the partition. It makes for a good flow from one space to another.

Just by the kitchen


Kitchen counters can't stretch forever. If there are some space on the brink of being wasted, why not have a banquette? Food can be served right from the stove.

Food comes with a view


Sometimes we dine alone and when we do, a view of the outdoors can give a fresh perspective. If not, it's enjoying the sights at the comfort of your home.

Put a bench and throw in some chairs


The trend of benches and chair for the dining is strong. For home owners with no luxury of space, it can still be achieved. Just make sure that the furnishing is kept simple.