Banquette for the Cosy Seekers

Banquettes are less often used than any other type of dining seating. Tucked into a small corner, it exudes a sense of cosiness for diners. Perhaps a small dining area isn't so bad after all.

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Green with envy


Set in apple green, this dining area sends a tranquil message to the users of the space. Accompanying white surface and seating sets the scene for a great tea time.

With a touch of elegance

Lush seating gives an impression of a lavish banquette. Wicker chairs tone down the concept, leaving for a welcoming place for guests to settle.

Almost by the sea

Wooden chairs and a statement hanging light makes it all the more obvious the dining area is based on the sea theme. Including pillows of complementary colours brings this concept up a notch.

Taste of lemon zest

One can almost smell the lemon pie baking in the oven. Deep brown surface stand out against the overall white space and furnishing for a casual out together dining area.

Add some colours

Putting together the overall look of a a banquette is as important as getting the just enough space to build it in. Opt of various cushion colors to add personality.