An Island Away

The island is luxurious addition to any kitchen. For most reasons, having an island would mean that you posses quite a bit of space to mould your culinary skills.

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Dining in the kitchen

While most kitchen islands is of a flat surface. Turning the island to double up as a dining table also encourages guests to sit in and watch the chef in action.

Teppanyaki style island

It is kind of like an up scale Japanese restaurant, only that the island probably doesn't have a grill. Nonetheless, it allows for the host to interact with the guests. No one gets left out here.

Up for some brunch

Blues, yellows and whites comes off as colours reminiscent of a well kept and well loved home. This island encourages conversation and friendly bantering over some home cooked delights.

Same but it's really different

Minimalist islands gives a sense of individuality to the space. Despite having an impression that it is a storage and surface unit on its own, the use of similar material draws some similarity to the rest of the kitchenette.

Keeping it comfortable

Crisp whit kitchen with an outstanding piece of musty green island. It is difficult not to be attracted by this rugged beauty. Lounge chairs put a refined spin on this design.