Unexpected Guests

Whenever a guest drops by unannounced, hosts are bound to get flustered. This is even more so when they decide to stay the night. With that, considering a guest room might be a good measure for such emergencies.

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A small space will do it


Guest rooms are usually much smaller than the rest of the functional space in the house. A simple guest room will only require a bed, surface for their small items and light decor.

Make use of corner spaces


The best way to enlarge a small guest space is to shift the bedding to the corner of the room. That way, it will release area for more decor or even a small seating.

Do not be restricted by space


Nobody ever said that a a guest room had to be in a space of it's own. One can have a large day bed in the living area and transform it into a bed whenever friends comes around.

Swap the office for rest


The workspace can serve more than just to crunch number or typing excels. Transform this room in a guest room during the vacation season.

Tiny hideaway


If you have window seating area, you can transform it into a makeshift guest rest area. Simply install shutters on the windows and draw curtain for added privacy.