It's just Bold Red

Red on its own is a harsh color. It is bold and uncompromising, gives an impression of strength and power. Not an easy colour to play around with, but if you are daring enough its a color for the brave.

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Accent with threads

With bold red walls, one can add texture to the space by incorporating thread canopy for the bath area. This breaks the monotony of the space.

Matching motifs

The bedroom should a place of rest. As much as one loves red, it is a colour that invigorates. Adding bits of red around the room on the other hand adds depth.

Little red door

Nothing makes a stronger statement than a red door. A neutral space will up play the characteristics of the vivacious colour.

Red for the focal point

Avoid choosing red for everything. Instead choose certain furnishings in red and turn that into a focal point.

Make it bold

The best way to make a bold room is to have red, red and lots of red. The secret to a space not swimming in overwhelming red is to have it in different shades. This adds the much needed dimension.