Floral Obsession

The reason why floral motifs and designs never die out is because of its ability to brighten up any space. Its versatility is surprising with it being able to accommodate to various design concepts.

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Lying on a bed of flowers


Have floral motifs on your bedspread and save on spending time to look for shabby chic pieces to decorate your room.

Bluebells a ringing.


Blue floral wallpapering has a masculine feel to it. It balances out the association that flowers are dainty and makes for a feminine room.

Some centerpieces are in line


Instead of having motifs all over the place, opt for a tastefully placed flower centerpiece for that chic look.

Take in the scent of flowers


Half panelling wall with floral wallpapering is a typical old European style. Soak and savor the bright, cheery nature of these florals.

Bring the flowers to the kitchen


Keep the kitchen crisp clean and fresh with simple floral wallpapering. Old hue colors tend to stand out more in neutral spaces.