Making the Most of Wall Textures

Some prefer a solid wall colour, while some prefer wallpapering for an added design. For dimension, textured walls are best to bring out that effect. And what's more, it's best for simple spaces.

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Paint textures with a personal touch

Other than solid colours, you can choose to have textured paint on the wall. Almost wallpaper-like, but with a human touch.

Basket weaves on the wall

This classy design looks is more than just protrusions from the wall. It forms a decor most suitable for modern concept spaces.

Intricate design for the eagle eyed

Though subtle in nature, intricate design wall texturing goes to show the meticulousness and design sensitivities of the home owner.

Brick and mortar

Not exactly that, but this brick styled design serves to elongate the space. The gentle protrusions trick the eyes into seeing depth.

Floral galore

A single slab of wall with floral textures is not only attention grabbing, but also serves as a decor for this simple living area.