Adventures in Africa

Most do not have the luxury to travel to exotic Africa. Take on the elements of the wild and recreate the vibrant nature of this culture into your living space.

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Enjoying the outdoors

Sink into this tub and enjoy the outdoors in full view. Done up in a comforting shade of brown, it promises rest for the weary.

Keep the hearty food coming

Wood is a material that is used in most African inspired interiors. This kitchen is no exception with extensive use of wood. The outdoors was brought in with a surface in the form of a tree stump.

Sleeping amongst the beasts

Let the evening calm wash over you with natural elements symbolic of the African plains. Incorporating browns in various hues adds dimension to this landscape.

Dining with the native

Simple wooden table and bench for the dining, giving off a sturdy and durable feel. Ceramic plates with intricate painting adds a native touch.

Living in a safari

The African safari concept gives one a sense of adventure into the unknown. Feature furnishings with animal prints and matching it with woven baskets and native plants brings the concept to life.