Sanctuary for the Reader

Be it avid readers or those who read for leisure purposes, the right nook to indulge into the fantasy world can is important. For most part, it has to be conducive enough and free of any distractions. Finding the appropriate style is just an inspiration away.

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Lush chairs for the sophisticated

European or traditional concept spaces going for the classy look should consider a white lounge chair. Though difficult to maintain, it gives off an lavish feel. Add a small side table and lamp to complete the look.

For the whimsical

Some prefer color above all else. Going for prints and bright colors to give off a fun environment for reading your favorite book.

Go simple and raw

For those inspired by simplicity, decor that inspire are important. Pick pieces that are in itself unique. It does not matter if it may appear unrefined, because that in itself is like finding a diamond in the rough.

Comfort knows best

The best reading spot should encompass a comfortable environment. If simplicity is your game, make do with a minimal decor so that you can spend more time on what you love best.

Urbanite's chic nook

For city dwellers, it is important to have a reading spot that reflects their fast paced lifestyle and tasteful style. Deep leather seating against the grey wall with frames is one simplistic, yet refined way of putting chic across.