Stunning Powder Rooms

An excess, but alas, an important room if your home has that extra space. The powder room allows for guests to step into a brand new world as they freshen themselves up during the party. These stunning powder room can be overwhelming - in a good way.

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Bring in the timber

Unconventional but definitely makes a statement. This sink held up by thick oxidized metal chains leaves one marveling at its natural beauty.

Obvious piping work

Like traveling across a transcontinental railroad, the raw beauty of these brass piping leaves an impression of a well thought out drainage system. Whether for design or function, it's one style that glorifies the industrial period.

Classy, chic and out of this world

As far as the art deco style go, the it's everything extravagant while playing with angles and geometry. For the ultimate look, fresh flowers are a must for any Jazz period inspired powder room.

Tiles and fountains

A sink that resembles a fountain, it does not go more interesting than this., except it does. Elaborate designed mirror placed over the sunkissed mosaic tiles makes one dream of that day in Tuscany.

Stripes and Pipes

The 30s meet Modern in this art deco inspired powder room. Thin striped wallpapering with framed up images of handsome gents and alluring ladies calls out the days long gone.