An Apartment for One

Living alone comes with many responsibilities, but it also means that you have the liberty to decorate your space anyway you want. Living in a one room apartment is not all that bad, if you know how to make use of the space.

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Building a wall

Set up a wall to divide the space. This is especially ideal for separating the private area such as the bedroom from the common area.

Alcoves to save space

If you have an alcove, make use of it and convert it into a sleeping area. It not only saves space from bulky bed frames, it also makes for a cosy nook to rest in.

Raise the curtains

Hideaway your private quarters by making use of draw curtains. The great things is that you can hide all you mess behind it, your guests won't even know.

An option to levitate

If space is a constraint, why not have the bed fixed to the top of the ceiling. This way it makes space for the kitchen, sitting and entertainment area.

Partitioning it

Partitions are a great way to designate a function each area of a one room apartment. A media shelving can act as a partition. So can curtains and plants, it's up to your imagination really.