Home for the Toys

Stepping on a Lego brick is by no means a painless affair. Storage for all your little one's toys is therefore important. Inculcate this good habit by having interesting storage ideas.

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Pull cart worthy


Put away all your kid's books in a pull cart. Making use of a toy as a storage makes up for forgotten toy and adds up to a quirky decor.

Storage in a seating


Have a built in seating and storage area in the play room. That way there's adequate seating and enough storage to put away all the unwanted mess.

Recycling boxes


Recycling boxes can be used as storage for kids toys. The great thing is that it is kids will be able to locate the storage for each toy without much hassle.

Colour them up


Using different colored storage bins for different toys can help expedite the clearing up process. This way, it helps to reorganize the mess in an orderly manner.

Put them in a basket


Placing toys in a basket is an age old way of storage. Hideaway toys in each basket and you can even play a game of 'guess which basket has what?' with the kids.