Decor Tips for the Budding Musician

Musicians don't have time to decorate their space, that's why they get professional interior decorators to do the job. For rookie musician wannabes, taking these tips will help you on the way to channel that music legend in you.

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Music makes time pass fast

Inspired by the 70s' gramophone, this wall clock screams a serious music lover in the house. If you ever need a break from jamming, that's one clock you'd want look at.

Put the records on

One can only incorporate so much music influence into a furnishing before it turns tacky. This minimalist style vinyl encompasses the essence of music in the most simplistic way - it's a beauty.

Snares and drums

Drums are by nature a heavy instrumental. Make use of toy drums as a form of decorative shelving. By itself, it is a statement piece. For an eclectic take, add various little trinkets.

Hang up your instruments

Nothing say more about how you feel about music than to pay homage to your favourite instruments. It's not only a great way to feature your prized possession, but also an interesting way to store your them.

Legends that need no introduction

Have decals up of your favourite music legend on your wall. This admiration can inspire and be the muse of your musical undertakings.