Plans for Sunday Laundry

The laundry room is probably the single most used room in the home. That said, hours would be spent on sorting colours and whites, drying, ironing and folding. Redecorating this functional room can help to enhance the experience and expedite the laundry process.

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Hanging the laundry

This adorable yellow wallpaper that features clothes on the line is just about the most apt wallpaper for this functional space. Built in white counters are practical as a surface and storage unit.

Stack them up

Attach simple shelving on above the washing machine and sink. It will make reaching for the detergents and liquids one seamless movement. A sink skirt be an additional storage area.

Washing labels and instructions

It can be quite static especially when working in a white room for a long period of time. Brick walls can add lines to a space. Washing instructions come separately.

Extensive overhead storage

While the plane overhead allows a small space for your packed belongings, you can have as much storage space in your laundry room as you want. Opt for storage doors to store less used items and open concept storage for things you use often.

Draw them out

Curtains are functionally used for privacy. For the laundry room, it is to hideaway the dryer and washer. When not in used, hide these appliances for a neater working area.