Interesting Lights Your Way

Not much thought is usually put into lighting, or at least that is one of the last things you think about when decorating a space. Taking into consideration that these lighting can be potential focal point of a space, why not get inspired by these light fixtures.

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Roping things in

Roping is unusual when it comes to light fixtures. If you happen to have a nautical or tropical theme, these rope lighting will definitely the the concept together.

Cage it

Having caged birds for your lighting is not only great as a feature in your space, it also allows you the freedom to rearrange the ornaments as and when you please.

Bouquet of flowers

Who knew that a bouquet of flowers can be used as part of a light fixture. This dainty addition would be so perfect for a country concept space.

Clouds in your room

You don't have to put up with stormy weather. This cloud lighting fixture brings the outside in literally, whether it looks like the sun peaking through or the onset of a coming storm, it leaves to one's imagination.

Under the sea

If you are a lover of the underwater kingdom or have a coastal concept space, this jelly fish lighting fixtures does more than just its function. The jellyfish's charateristics adds grace and elegance to the space