Shelving The Good Stuff

Shelves are storage for more than just books, it can act as a form of décor. See its potential as a décor feature and tear away from its usual run of the mill design.

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Pixel characters on your wall

This shelving takes a life on its own with a geometrical design shelving. Reminiscent of games from the 80s', it leaves one thinking about the day of one's youth.

Grab the falling bottles

This interesting shelving concept captures the action of falling objects. The beauty of gravity is featured in this intelligently constructed shelving.

Pacman's influence

The Pacman, finds itself revived as a form of shelving. It's 3D look brings attention to this gaming cult favourite.

Hold up the branches

Branch brackets introduces a touch of nature to the conventional metal brackets shelving. It's natural decor at its finest.

Books on books

Stacked books as a form of shelving seems impossible. But it makes for an interesting feature for a work space.