Retro Living in the Present

Get in tune to the sounds from the 70s'. Spaces of that time are reflective of the functionality and simple, sleek furnishing. The design is easily recognisable and is a favourite among eclectic style individuals.

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Cow skins and mustard

Mustard yellow is typical in the retro concept style. The use of faux animal skin for carpeting and throw for the chair adds accent to the interior space.

Oversized furnishings for focal

Retro style introduces the entertainment console area to keep away the TV when it is not in use. Getting a TV cabinet can be used for storage or a surface for all your pictures.

Room for more

The multi person seating area gives an excuse to invite friends over. Patterned cushions are lined up against the grey sofa for colour and design.

Retro meets a tinge of modernism

Mixing the staple button sofa with various styled chairs brings a refreshing twist to this retro concept. Add a sleek coffee table to update the retro look.

Colours and patterns of the 70s'

The 70s' is a period where various patterns are used alongside each other. Dots, lines and details merge to form what is a unique mixture of patterns; this is retro.