Keeping the Zen

Zen is a concept that emits a sense of peace and tranquillity. Based on the idea of Japanese Zen, major influences are from the East Asian culture and minimalism. The Zen vibe encourages you to unwind in this sanctuary.

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In the face or green

In zen concepts, it is important to keep furnishing and colour to the minimal. This promotes balance in the space and to enhance a ambience of the space.

Running materials

Making use of similar materials can bring about simplicity. This method is the best way to bring about a feeling of clean lines in the space.

Barely there

The thing about the zen style is that it focusses on function. It only houses the furnishing essential to the space and nothing else. The choice of decor should be kept to the minimal.

Keep up the shelving

Refrain from having too many counters in the bathroom by installing a simple shelf. It will be able to hold all your amenities and small decor.

Nature's tranquility

For zen rooms, one should keep it subtle. Neutral colours are good for bringing out the essence of small decor around the space.