Power of the Hippies

Colour is popular among the hippies, And that is how most spaces in their home are splashed with a kaleidoscope of colours. Not for the faint hearted, this style brings in more colours than necessary.

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Sitting on rainbow


If one has a veranda space, why not convert it into a sitting area? Lay various printed textiles as a sitting area and throw in cushions for that added comfort.

Swinging in the air


For the fun seeking individuals, a swing in the colours of the rainbow will be the most appropriate thing for a hippie concept space. It's just plain fun to look at it.

Colour, prints and sheets


While most deter from mixing bold prints, the hippie concept is all about doing that. It can be achieved with the bedsheets, otherwise, mixing prints with the decor works just as well.

Hippie knows white


Though the hippie concept is synonymous with colour, white is also used as well. For the less daring, a white concept kitchen area with a colourful rug does the trick.

Garden and floral affairs


If one has a backyard, a garden party is in line. Lay out all your rainbow infused textiles and cushions for a casual picnic. All colours invited.