Go Bar Karting

Spirits, wine or even mocktails for the kids, these great tasting beverages deserve a good space to stored. Bar karts are one option apart from bar counters. These surfaces can be stationary or remain portable; it is entirely up the homeowner. A house party or an alone time by the library, these karts serves all functions.

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Classy Manhattan


Almost reminiscent of the decor style of the Upper East Side, this simple, yet classy bar kart features two mini table lamps and fresh flowers against an oversized floor mirror. This is opulence.

Metal wheels for the modern taste


Modern lovers can find this contraption interesting. Urbanite drinking habits are brought to the next level, through the appreciation of this wooden kart with a oversized metal wheel. It makes for a good starter as well.

Gold for the magpie


While gold may seem excessive to some, this gold bar kart does feel right at home in the eclectic concept. Adorned with fresh fuchsia flower arrangement and zesty summer yellow lemon, this feels a good excuses to invite friends over for summer.

Champagne for gold


What better pedestal to place good champagne than a gold bar kart? With a yellow tinged chrome table lamp, one can easily indulge in the riches.

Rattan for a summer party


The casual rattan reminds one of the tropics. This bar kart seems like its beckoning one to come and enjoy a sip or two, have a walk by the water, then come back for more.