Alternative Wardrobe Ideas

The conventional wardrobe may be boring to some and to some extent, take up quite a bit of space. For the décor concious, why not consider various forms of alternate wardrobe for an all rounded unique look.

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Hang them from branches

Consider making use of nature to hang up your clothes and accessories. A branch clothes hanger gives a new perspective on the space. For the abstract, the hung up clothes looks like leaves from the branches.

Piping it together

Set up a portable wardrobe with this pipe clothes hanger on wheels. This industrial look may appear unpolished, it does reflect the carefree spirit of the clothes owner.

Build it Yourself

Kind of a wardrobe but not exactly that. You can customise how and where you want to place your things. Whether you have more shoes or clothes, you can decide on the amount of racks or railing needed. Install a chiffon or laced fabric curtains for some added privacy.

Lifts, ropes and hooks

It is hard to tell if this is a décor or a form of wardrobe. This clothes hanger is brought to life by the use of ropes. Hooks on the other hand, are accent pieces. For those looking for a wardrobe that is unique and makes a statement, this is the one.

Two parts makes one

A ladder taken apart is not much as useful as a shoes without a sole. Revive the ladder by installing a pole on top of the ladder parts to hang clothes and planks across the bottom steps for all other accessories.