Living by the Basics

Black and white, also known as the neutrals, or some may even feel - the boring ones. For those that find it difficult to understand the beauty of monochrome concepts, this serves as a way to understand the world of B&W.

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Living in symmetry

B&W concept allows you to play around with decor pieces. The neutral characteristics make decorating in symmetry less overwhelming than if the concept were to be in colors. Simply put, it is difficult to go wrong decorating in B&W.

More than words

Kitchen adhering to the B&W theme does not necessarily have to be dull. Use white for cabinets to brighten up the space while black to accent. Recipes and menu can be written to add some personality.

Maybe just a tinge of color

Monochrome can be a tinge bit serious. For those that prefer something on the cheery side, adding flower arrangements can create a light atmosphere in the dining.

Frame the space

Monochrome bedrooms may appear somber to some, however, incorporating the right decor can transform sombre to subtle sophistication. One such way is to add frames above the headboard. Changing chest knobs to silver types can enhance the look as well.

A frame for balance

In bathroom fringing more towards the darker side of monochrome, it is important include some form of dimension. A mirror does exactly that, but it can appear too 'flat'. However, hang up an equally large painting or poster can balance the space.