Sitting Against Brick Walls

Bricks are one of the most informal materials known to design. As it is often used as an exterior surface, bringing it indoors can instantly turn a space towards the more casual route. One thing for sure, you can easily sit back and be at ease int his space.

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Plotting to bunk in

Bricks bring a laid back feeling to a space. Inviting your best friends over to your living area would most likely mean for them to bunk in and enjoy movie night.

Eat, Chill, Love

This brick style kitchen is about creating wholesome meals and warm conversations with ones you love. It leaves one thinking that everyday is a weekend, with servings of food made with love.

Chill by the bricks of red

Take a chance to soak in the vivacious red brick walls as you select a book and spend the rest of the day leisurely reading away. Though it appears harsh, the boldness of the red does a magnificent effect in bringing up a lively atmosphere.

Acid washed for a fitting match

While most bricks come in red, it may appear too jarring to the eye in a bedroom. Acid washed bricks are a great alternative. The beige-brown undertones are not only soothing to the eyes, it practically matches with any colour.

Work it out with white

White painted bricks are best of workspaces as it deters distractions, but at the same time, give prominence to the lines in the space. This neutral brick form also allows for bold colored furnishings to personify the space.