Country meets the Modern

Although the rural charms are a popular concept for many, some are not about to entirely grasp the allure of the ruggedness that comes along with the concept. Introducing some modern concept refines the overall country theme, yet leaving room for its rustic allure.

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Melding differences

Modern country living areas take influences from modern and country decor. Sleek black frames are fundamentals to modern design, while an aged vintage chest is a familiar sight in country styled homes. The secret is finding the balance and meld between the moderns and vintage.

Contrasting views

Taking into account that most traditional country concept kitchens are in white, including a black stove area redefines the theme. Despite the strong contrast, it gives a sense of sleek to the kitchen.

CHanging the lights

Metal play quite a strong part in modern concept spaces. Incorporating a hanging metal light fixture changes the dainty feeling of the countryside, for a more polished look.

No frills, no laces

Modern country looses all forms of laces and frill to exchange for a cleaner, neater look. This bedroom in particular is in typical country colours, full with floor panelling, the only difference if the absence of laces.

Fine lines and angles

The modern country bath focusses on removing the rough look of its traditional counterpart. In exchange, furnishing and lighting take on a more structured form.