Falling for Orange and Turquoise

Delicate pastels are popular colours for spring. However, to transit between seasons, pastels may prove to be a little difficult for the shift. Thank goodness that with the right color coordination, the essence of fall can be brought forth with orange and turquoise.

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Prepping for a colder season


Welcoming the autumn would mean transiting from the bright, cheery colours of summer to warmer, deeper tones. Matching orange home accessories with turquoise wallpapering suggests a calm yet inviting living room environment.

Accessories for an added touch of elegance


Elegance at first impression - fresh flowers have the ability to add colour and personality to the space. Despite the simplicity of the decor, the contrasting colours makes this arrangement larger than life.

Inviting more colours for variation


For a study room to have many colours may be a cause for distraction. However, incorporating another colour other than the main orange and turquoise theme can add some diversity to the space.

Pop of colours


Creating a burst of colour, does require too much effort. Furnishing frames in vibrant colours can supplement the neutrality of the space.

Bold headboards to create a focal point


A bold headboard demands attention right from the start. Against the refined charm of turquoise, the elaborate orange designs seem to pop out even more.