Decals of Character

While decals may take the form of a large wall installation, it can also create a unique wall decoration. Decorating a space in 2D decals can be a unique twist to the usual 3D ornaments in the home.

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2D frames for definition

The hype of using the usual frames are taking over the décor world by storm. In the light of the matter, how about using decals instead of frames. Mixing it up with 3D ornaments adds dimension to this eclectic décor.

Shocking in the dark

This electrocuted character is made doubly interesting. First, it is being connect to a power point. Secondly, it glows in the dark. This little decal has more magnetic power for the curious than you may think.

Parts make the whole

Assembling an outfit is the matter of bringing together multiple pieces of clothes and accessories. Depicted explicitly in this somewhat informative decals on the wardrobe, it does suggest a certain organisation as well.

Going to beyond

While it seems like a gamble to travel to the parallel universe via the Bermuda Triangle. An alternative is to add a sense of quirk to your space with this amusing decal.

Plenty of windows to look out from

Windows add perspective, whether from the inside or out. In this case, it's mostly from a designer's perspective. This is an example of a minimalist wall installation at its finest.